Friday, April 06, 2007

Well my car has had a new windscreen today. Nice isn't it. But that isn't the only thing thats new on it.

I spoke to the fitters in the week and asked if they could bring me an MG reaview mirror bracket instead of a mazda one.

And they did! So the other new thing is a rearview mirror of an MGTF but why?

Well it involves wires!

And some guessing and blowing fuses. (I have no spares left now!)

Eventually I found the right combination.

Which got tided up.

Much better but the best is yet to come!

Can you spot them?

ooooooo how wonderful, some modern technology on an old car.

Well I could not wait until it was dark to try them out could I ;)

Yep the neighbour thinks I'm mad too!


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