Sunday, April 01, 2007

Well on Saturday I went to Tescos again with my parents. My dad of course got to do some of his shopping sitting down!

I got some Italian beers I was drinking in Italy, erm nice memories...

Saturday nigth I settled in with a DVD I purchased at Tesco's called What's EEating Gilbert Grape? I picked it mainly because it has Johnny Depp in it. Mind both he and Leonardo Di Caprio are very young as this was released back in 1993 I think. Away a very hert warming and odd film about escaping, but to where?

The blurp

Meet Gilbert Grape, a young man who lives in Endora, Lowa, population 1901. "Describing it", says Gilbert, "is like dancing to no music". Gilbert lives with his mother, whoes 36 stone frame is slowly destroying the fragile Grape homestead, his brother, Arnie who was never expected to survie childhood, and his two sisters. Glberts only excitment is his affair with Mrs Betty Carver. Besides that, Gilberts life is weird. And he doesn't seem to enjoy it. But one day a mysterious, beautiful girl named Becky moves into town with her grandmother, and Gilberts world begins to change.


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