Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well pris made their comeback on Tuesday night at Bonds in Tamworth. Mind I did forget until about 20:15 at night but apparnetly they were running late and I could still make it, so I climbed in the Eunos picked Beardy up on the way and shot over to Tamworth town center. The pub was busy, whcih was nice to see considering it was a school night ;)

The stage area was extremely small which suits Pris a bit as they don't like to move about, unlike the next two bands..

The Beech Monks were different. But good and entertaining. The kind of music I would never have gone out to see but to have been subjected too without having to use any thought process in seeing them, they were surprisingly very enteraining especialy the lead singers jesters and trumpet playing.

The guitar playing was pretty good too.

Well this made me stay for the last band which......

Again wasn't my cup of tea. However these guys sparkled and became intensily absorbing to my ears. The tunes, notes and screams the guitar strings made were music to even the most deaf of peoples most inner exsuberance. And sitting so close the was plenty of volume.

Needless to say that this 'metal' band just didn't have the room to move there stuff so they moved away from there standing positions when ever they could.

In fact the Device were that good I even bought a CD from them at the end of the night. Its one to be played loud when the neighbours are out.


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