Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well Sunday's big event was at Saint Michael All Angles Church in Tetenhall.

Where there was a gathering of people in the church for a Christening of Emma.

It was a glorious summers day and someone must have brought the TV with them.

Welll at least it will be much cooler inside the church. I'm sure last night Les told me he never wanted to see the inside of a church again?

I don't understand why, there quite nicely decorated inside.

We sit at the front awaiting to be called up.

Emma cannot wait to see what all the fuss is about.

And oldy she won't let the vicar go once she has clung onto him.

People wander around... It must be the Vicar who has brought the tv.

Then we wander outside

Dad is that the paperatzzi you warned me about.

I like this church because its on a nice green along with a pub.
Which we all go to, to mingle drink and be merry in the sun.

What a wonderrfull day and it looks like I've got to go back to church next week.


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