Sunday, May 20, 2007

Saturday morning and off I went to Water World in Stoke. I can't remember having been there since I was a student. Well it looks a bit more run down than last time but fun was still had never the less.

Well after a hair cut while the match was on, I made my way round to Gaz's to celebrate his 34th Birthday. Things started with a BBQ and a beer or two.

Then the Jenga came out.

Greenie struggled to remember the rules!

So Les decided to teach him.

I got the candle to finaly lite and stay lit!

Greenie still didn't understand the idea of the game was to keep the tower standing.

I'm 34 you know!

Your so funny Gaz, we know you not a day over......

Beardy still will not face his drink problem, which is obvious as he clings to both cans of beer,

Gaz loses at Jenga and Les obligingly provides him with a forfit drink, and its not a short short either!

Gary I think you've had far too much too drink and you should send your friends home right away.

Love you can never have too much to drink ;)

The Jenga games continue. You have got to watch this to the end where Beardy has the last say.

Why are you doing this to me. Why oh why oh why?

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