Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday has come round all to fast. Some work on the JK-Images web site and the forthcoming Pris web site too. More on that later. From Tesco this week I have purchased Revolver. A Guy Richie film, I'm just wondering here is this going to be any good?

I also bought the Embrace album, something I already have copied but play often enough to purchase at £3.97! I'm just a bit worried that this looks like one of those boy bands, er Pris is that you a boy band?

The tomatoes in tub 1 are coming on really well (well the ones that sprouted).

Tub 2 is also now taking off as well!

Tub 3 has some different tomatoes in it and they have sprung up! Yummy, when the red things going to appear?

And here we have tub 4, a mud bath but a purpose mud bath. The bullrush seeds and cotton wool stuff should be sow in mud and kept that way. Thats what they like. So no problem with over watering then?

And while we are talking about green stuff the bamboo is still doing well.


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