Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday morning. Erm I need a lie in I think. The weather has turned.

Zoe's sister turns up and its all out to face the Stockport bad weather, a bit of a change from yesterday.

While shopping in Stockport Zoe and Al buy a new tent, while I get a detailed map of the Tenby area.

We have some vegie dinner to 'as I say make up' for the full mixed grill yesterday. Some of Zoe's friends then come round and Al gets dressed up for the night out.

I'm hooked on the play station 3 trying to Zoe some times to beat on Grand Tourisum 4.

Well as Zoe has made an effort I got talked into have my hair done.

But first lets get those times notted down on the leader board.

Luckily noone round here knows me so I'll get away with it! Mind there is an extra surprise to this hair do.

And its off to a rave nightand heavey hard core dance-athon.

We reach for the lazers.

Or it looks more like the bar with alk those bottles.

A whistle is a must at these events.

Missing Manchester at some club or other by that enormouse library.

You see the hair gell is UV vibrant!

I'm sure they're trying not to laugh!

Time for home eventaully

I put the whistle down.

Look out side cripes its daylight.

Close the curtain and take a quick glimps of the clock, oh another late one then.


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