Friday, May 04, 2007

Thursday and I get a text saying that if I'm coming up bring my bike. Erm well I got it in!

Well when I got to Stockport I found they had just installed a new toliet seat (just for my visit??). Well after a quick visit to Netto, we settled down, had a lovely curry and stayed up drinking and playing games to the early hours if I remember right?

Well when I wake up its time to go fr ride. So that's why I had to brig my bike?? Well the weather is good. We hitch a short ride on the train to Middlewood. Which is a wood in the middle of nowehere.

With the train gone there is no turning back. They don't stop here very often apparently.

Al gets ready to mount his bike.

Then he decides its hot enough to strip!

We head off down the old train route which will thankgod be flat.

We zip through the countryside.

When we come across a wood craving of a Rabbit.

We carry on, with the sun beating down on us.

Next we come across a big bird craving. I wonder what will be next?

Well this was Al waving at me just before he crashed into me!

Nope this isn't a rabitt. Its a hare.

That pink jumper someones left behind. Now what could be done with that I wonder?

Well we wouldn't want the hare getting could later would we.

Mind the poor thing can't see whats going on either now!

Next on the carving menu was some sheep.

You could still see that hare from a far now it had the pink jumper on.

Then Al found some hedgehoggs, the wooden kind of course.

They don't interest Zoe mind.

Next there's some badgers.

Eventually we reach Bollington. And over there on the top of that hill is where we are heading. But first..

We admire the view from the old railway bridge.

Looks like we need to get of our bikes from here.

And so we lock them up and pray they'll still be here later.

Oer welcome to Bollington.

We study the map.

Thats the hill top!

erm we need to cross the village.

Which means refreshmnets at a pub overlooking the cricket pitch.

The real hill climbers go for real ale on this fine hot day. Perhaps we should be taking Zoe's lead and drinking something non alcholic?

the toliets are done in a nice blue colour!

We head across the village towards the hill. Stopping to say hello to a horse on the way.

Erm I don't like the look of that walk. If there's one thing I hate doing its walking. But waling up hill is just not on.

They are off at pace. I'll catch them up eventually.

Well if they hang around for me I will.

Looks like they've made it to the toip already!

Patients is a virtue guys.

Loook your making me feel bad. I think it was that curry last night.

Well at the top I'm ment to be enjoying the veiws. But I think I need a kipp.

Well its a bit misty but apparently on a good day you can see alll the way to Liverpool from here!

The white thing is a big concrete thing. Someone must have been fit to have brought all the concrete up here mind.

I wonder if they turned it on one of those pot making wheels?

Yes this is more like it. Lets hang out and rest.

Me by the White Nancy.

Al with the whole world behind him.

No I'm staying put for a bit.

Can you see that shiney thing in the distance. Is it a UFO?

Zoe decides enough is enough and heads down.

She waits patiently for us in the distance.

We trek a slightly different route back through the village.

Which leads us past and inside another pub.

Eventually we move on again.

Our bikes are still there and we remount.

Luckily no punctures up to now.

Is it this way?

Al tries to tell Zoe the way.

But I think she knows it, somehow.

We head back a different way dow the canal.

Don't know about you Nack but I fancy a pint.

Ah duckies.

Well what do you know.

Another pub another pint. Now this is what I call cycling.

They even have jokes in the toliet which make you linger around longer than is probably acceptable in the gents.

Well we ride another mile or two and then...

Al pulls some stunts!

To calm us down we nip into a pub for pint and some tea. Whenwe try to escape for the train this chap decides he wants to talk to us!

So its a mad dash to the station.

Luckily we make it just before the train...

back at Middlewood.

The train takes us to Stockport

And then home.

I try and make Al watch the Pris videos. As can be seen he is most interested.

He's missing one of Gregs great performances.

Any chance of a cup of tea?

Looks lik eAl is in competion with me, in who can grow the biggest plants in tthe front window.

I'm sharing the sofa with Mr Tickle once more.

Some that's going to come up in conversationa bit latter after a few beers.

Al takes me on a few mile walk to what looks like a delerict pub. Its called the Olde Vic. Its open. Whats this game? Shut the box.

Al the loser getting the next round in.

Shucks you loose again.

Its a movie not a photo?!?!?

They have many real beers here, and some cider!

And a book on some places to go around Britain. Erm this place looks nice in South of Wales.

This game goes on for around 3 hours, maybe 4!

Eventually Al gets us thrown out at 1:30am.

It makes Zoe proud.

I'm shown that a friend of theirs has sent them a post card from Mongolia and how am I going to beat that ;)

I say good night to my bike.

And head to bed, another late night!


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