Thursday, June 07, 2007

But where to??

Can you tell where it is??

Legoland of course!

Now I know your excited about this, I was.

This rid lead to this....

Us being very wet!

Thats right Sara just laugh.

Well of course the helicopter ride will get us dry. But how do you take off?

You want to go on it again! But there's so much more to do and see.

Look a tree.

And a train.

Hold on isn't tha a giraff n board???

ah giraffs in a field, that cmakes more sense.

Watch it Les they might bite.

Erm this ride looks nasty, I might just give this one a miss.

Look who's having fun.

I think Les is holding Tom in.

Feed me feed me feed me. So we stopped for some launch and was ripped off. Legoland you should be ashamed of yourself.

And theres nothing like going on a roller coasdter after lunch.

Let shake those merakus.

Emma if you press that button your mom and dad will get wet. Wink wink nudge nudge.

You got it girl.

Her comes Sara press that button.

Missed but looks like Greenie and LEs are wet well done.

You missed your mom again.

Yeah yeah its more fun getting your dad.

Get wet Les.

Get wet Greenie

Ahhh the ride ends. Thats all the fun over Emma. Remember it was you pressing the button not me ;)

And so we wander off to the otherside of the park to the castle - made of lego of course.

Bet you don't believe me.

LEgo dragon with Lego Knight - slaying dragon by the looks of it.

We leave passing the lefo mini world.

Looks most interesting.

Me and LEs head to our hotel for freshen up. Isn't that an odd bathroom?

This is my bed.

Well I'll have the other one then. Bollox forgot the ear defenders.

We go round to see the Greenies as there hotel. We wait in the bar and I explain to Les about the beer prices (hence his expression).

Looks like Les is shattered

And Greenie. Well the kids still seem energised.

I make Tom a lego spaceship.

Les ponders who's having the most fun before declaring we must leave to find food.

And this is where we find it!

My nutrious tea consists of Kebab meat and pitta bread with salad and chilli.

Look something exciting is happening on Big Brother.

Not as exciting as what I'm eating.

LEs they've kicked the only babe in there out for using the N word. What is the N word??


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