Saturday, June 09, 2007

Les how are you. Did you sleep well. did you think I did with all that din going on all night. DO YA DO YA???

Lets get some breakfast down us.

Shall we play cleaner Jenga before we head to Windsor?

Well we get on a boat.

Its riveting.

Well perhaps relaxing is more to the point.

Lots of birdies.

And one coming into land.

WOOWOWOWO a bridge.

Another bridge.

Ah as far as we go.

Beautiful wier.

So you weren't impressed then Nack?

Perhaps I'll enjoy the castle more?

The main bridge between Windsor and Eaton. Obviusoly known as Windsor Birdge. There have been bridges linking Windsor and Eaton over the River Thames on this site since the 13th century. TYhe present one was built in 1823 by Thmoas Telford. It was a toll bridge until 1894 and traffic was not banned into 1970 when someone went through his design calculations and found it was designed for the average modern motor car to pass over!

Another swan.

Bye bye French borthers boat.

We meet the Greenies and Tom has brought along Boney for me. Wicked now we can have some fun.

We haed towards the castle.

I wonder if the Queen will be in?

Our ticket to see the Queens glorys.

Boney at Windsor castle.

Tom at Windsor Castle

Windsor castle was oringinaly built by William the Conqueror around 1080, it steadily grew in size and importance so that by Henry II it had attained the proportion and magnificence of a Royal Palace.

Here come the Royal duckies.

Being taken for a walk.

We'll see this guard again later.

Whats going on.

The duckies have found the pond.

Boney strikes again.

The flags up so the Queen is in.

I wonder what we could do with this soldier.

Come on Tom you'll love the inside of this church!

I want a gun like that Uncle Nack please.

'I'm sure Tom doesn't want to look at the Wueens doll house.

Look who it is.

We leave the castle. Thankgod for that.

Lets go shopping Tom and see if we can find you a big cannon.

Bloody paperatize.

The Greenies head off leaving me and Les to Explore.

Why are the post boxes Green?

Are they the Queens personal post boxes.

Erm an ancient well

Oh Blue and red post boxes here.

Les a church, a church how exciting. But I can tell you there is something very very special inside Windsor Parish church. In fact why go to Milan to see the Last Super when you can.....

The Last Supper Painting!

That's odd. Its not the same painting.

Nice alter. Fill your pockets with anything gold coloured.

Where's Madeline? oh this one was given by George III. I wonder where he got this from?

What are you looking at?

The Queens chair otherwise know as eh em The Royal Box.

She can't see the painting from there though.

For another interesting fact this is the shortest road in Britain - Named Queen Charlotte Street at just 51 feet 10 inches!

Next to the crooked house of Windsor.

Who's this then?

A firly imposing figure.

Who's she pointing at then?

Well that was Windsor done, just like my feet. Back to the car then Les. But where shall we go.

Well it would be rude not to try and find that firm in Slough. Which one.

The one at Slough Trading Estate.

Oh is this it do you think? I think it is they've just had a paint ob to stop people recongnising it!

Right where next. To this place here on your map, its got a huge picnic bench marked on it. It must be the biggest one in Britian or something lets go.

Nope they're normal size ones. Why oh why do I listen to you.

Lets go here then. Go where? Go Ape!

Boney makes yet another appearance.

Are you fit enough Les?

The hight worries me.


Is that screeming I hear!

In the distance.

It looks fun.

Well its dinner time instead.

And Boney seems to have had a pint as well.

I think Boney wants to go for a ride.

Surly on full stomach he'll be sick.

Ah a refreshing swim for Boney.

Are those Lagers cold yet?

A new type of tower Les

Bollox this is hard.

Is that Boney hanging out there? He like the hotel so much he was never to be seen again!

Nice lager!


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