Friday, June 08, 2007

Next day we reutrn to Lego land and enjoy the Lego Miniland.

How mini it is thogh compare to the height of Big Les.

The sights of London.

Around Britain

Not only do the cars, lorries, buses, boats, trains work but they even have speed cameras!

Told you things move. I wonder if that camera flashes.

Brighton Pier and in a better state too.

Some castle on a hill.

Stone =Henge as if I had to tell you.


Complete with stripper!

I know what I want to do for my next job.

Edinbrugh Castle

The lone piper

Away from mini world we find yet another giraffa

And some friends

Cute or what?

We go for an areial ride.

For a good view of

That raft rid that gets you very wet.

Over the top of Miniland

Which we head back to.

And visit some more places to spot Batman and Robin

Another intresting site here is the planes.

Can we sit next to the giraffa?

Les wants to be a police officer.

There doesn't seem to be a windscreen luckily enough.

Tom gets in too as theres plenty of room.

Sra and LEs meat the Mayor

em I might come back and nick that later.

Hoodie are FAB

Ah Windsor Castle, are we going there tommorrow?

How about a quick peek tonight?

Nack and Les take a walk because their feet are not tired enough already!

Get a move on you lazy sod.

I think Etons that way and a pub that way. Which way you want to go Les?

Look a classy car.

Well I guess thats the castle then.

Well part of it.

Where shall we go to eat tonight?

Looks nice if you like choclate. Otherwise it looks awful.

We'll go for a pub meak then.

Could Tom actually be tired.

Of course not ;)

Tea at last at around 10pm!

Mine yummy.

Greenie doesn't look impressed bvy his though.

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