Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Well Dan is five so that can only mean one thing - A BIG JENGA PARTY. Are you coming round Nack?"

Well not so much JENGA as Nacks - stack-em. A new twist a dice that means you have to take a specific colour!

Les seems total phased by it all.

There on the table is the nasty stuff. Several varities!

Concentrat girl, its extra tricky.

While she thinks about it, she closes her eyes and goes to sleep. It all gets to much for Big-L who's go it is next and takes a gulp of strongbow.

Lovin it!

Just plain worrid cuz its my go next!

Oh dear Les!

Loser has to rebuild it as well.


Smells nice does it? Probably as nice as tastes!

Thats it get it down ya.

Cleared your throat by any chance?

Here we go again.

Are you sure the dice is in here?

I can still taste it. My belly's warm and my throat is burnt. Agh what a taste in my mouth.

At this point some concentration is going on - in a blind drunken way of course.

If you know whats good for you, you'll knock it down.

Bum back to Les.

Be careful they're wobbling!

LEs you've got no chance.

How did he get that out?


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