Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well here we are at the Grapes Stafford and a competition against Pris and Big Brother. Will there be a crowd. Will people get off their bums and come and see the band?

So where's the band, where's the crowd?

And so a beer at the bar and we all watch Big Brother on the Big Screen.

So Graham, what do you think of the managers great idea to go head to head with Big Brother?

The band wonder if its worth playing at all?

I try my best to talk them into getting on with it even if it's just for me.

And so they get to the stage.

Prepare their instruments.

And sing me a song. ohh how wonderful.

I'm over here guys.

Hey much better.

If there was only someone here to see this.

More vocals

Ah some of Norfys guitar tricks.

Some live action

Things just aren't going to plan.

Good night and thanks for coming - see you next time.

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