Monday, June 18, 2007

Well it was Emma's 1st Birthday today. So lucky her got a large soft teddy.......

While Greeni, Les and myself headed to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to see Inxs.

The special guest were well special. I especialy don't like this type of music. At least you can get to the bar easy enough in here.

The more they played the hotter the hall got!

One could only guess the air conditioning was not working properly or just not turned on.

The interval at last I was expecting Les to get up and scream his head off due to the temperature not being minus 1 deg C. But he kept his cool.

ooohhh its about to start I wonder what DJ Fortune will be like. Can he pull it off!

Well no more rambling till the end just some pics and movies

Well it was good. Obvioulsy could have been better but then that singers dead in he.


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