Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well on Saturday a few of us get togeather to celebrate my Birthday. A couple of us randavouze in the Posada for a few pints first.

" What you want Nack?"

" I'll have a Stag please."

The beer flows and round two after everyone has had a sip of STAG its STAGE all round!

Once in Pepito's Berdy cleary states his not drunk on two pints of stage where I clearly am.

He phones a friend to see what he should eat that doesn't have a thousand bones in it this time.

Greg looks dismayed when I answer the phone to Beardy even though he's sitting opposite me. Clearly he's not pissed.

Looks like Stag might have gone to Les's head too.

Smile for the Birdie - yep I mean that dumb waitress who's getting everthing wrong!

Les comments " It odesn't matter how many times you bring the same dish out, its not what I've ordered and I'm not having it!"

We escape with a much reduced bill and head into the Little Civic. No Stag here thankgod.

A captavating moment when Beardy smiles.

Then decides to play peek a booh.

It's beer Beardy, you've seen it before.

Anyone for Blastoff then?

Your kidding right.

If we must.

Lets get down and booggie......

I just want to go home. I'm never drinking stag again ;)


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