Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday I get up and head off to the barbers to get my hiar cut. I race back pack my bags and await Big-L to come and pick us up. Yep its The Annual Tenby Pigrimage.

As you get to Carmarthon there is now a new Tesco Extra. Which is lucky as we have brought very lttle. And so we buy the essentials. Beer and Bacon. ok and a few other items.

As we wizz into Pembrokeshire the seanary changes and the sun can at last be seen between the clouds.

As we drive into te sun I notice that this journey has been the most relaxing one Les has ever taken me on.

We pass throught the valley and under the bridge just a few miles away from Tenby.

We enter the twon and it looks as grotty as always. Is this to put off new comers?

Ah Kiln Park Holiday park at last. Ohh I'm so excited.

We put the tent up next to Deadmanjones and Zoe's. Ours is the BIG blue one ;)

And then lite the candle in the bucket. Well you got to havn't you.

While Deadmanjones and Co were nowhere to be seen (they had come yesterday and apparently it was wet wet wet) Gaz and Sarah turn up.

And pondered over abeer or two how to put there tent up?

Mean while the candle in a bucket head become well lite!

Well as I have a bad neck I bought a air matress from Tesco and an air pump. So its a good thing the tnets so big.

Tea time or not the BBQ was out and being lite.

Of course we had some more beer. Deadmanjones, Zoe, Jedd and Caroline turned up and it was soon time to get a few beers in the club house.

Well the good thing this year about the club house was they are now serving 4 pint pichers. Which you can get 5 pints out of.

There is also a nice new decking area outside for the smokers to hang out in. In fact its really rather nice and me and Zoe hung out there for a bit watch the kids playing on the inflatble and getting eaten in its mouth!

We eventually forced ourselves to watch some more entertainment.

Luckily the beer was taking effect and I cannot recall how good this entertainment was ;)

But the bar was open till 1am again as usual.

Well it can't be any worse tomorrow night can it?


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