Monday, July 23, 2007

Friday night and its a dart up to Manchester while the rest of te country are being told not to go anywhere due to the heavey rains. Well it rains in Manchester all the time.

Les has booked us into the luxuary lodge. they will only give us one key. And you need that to use the lift.

At least the view is luxurary ;)

We head to the pub, a listed one next to the Arnalde Center. And have a beer or two.

Zoe, Deadmanjones, Xara and his brother turn up and so it is off to club biscuit to see the band. Whats that Les you want to pop in the unicorn for a quick one. Want to try and sell some more tickets ah!

The sond man does some adjustments. Erm does he really think that will make a difference?

Good gracious me it Pris.

I know the words, I've had a few beers, I sing my head off and pretend its an Oasis gig.

Bad Dreams

Little Holiday

Lunar Polar


The crowd roar with appreciation.

Well there seems to be a unaminous desision to hang around Club Bisuit but to find another club to go to. What no one notices is the time. And thus end up in the one and only Rock World! Full of dark clothed beauties. Now we stood a mile out but a Newkie Brown in one hand and two feet on the dance floor in say 1 minute. I yeah I love metal.

At the end of night Les and Rob go to the hotel with the key. I go in search of a late night full course meal.

And I find the perfect back street establishment. Now whats in the bag?

Chips of course, lovely ones and the BIGGEST kebab in the world. So BIG I could eat it all no matter how I tried. When I got to the hotel they had suddenly decided it was worth giving us two keys afterall. Great move now I've come in from town.

Well the next morning I'm working by the worksforce outside as Les leaves the window open all night. Which in one way is a good thing because its so hot in the room. No more sleep I get up and head for the shower. Top marks for that at the Luxuary Lodge.

It would appear we have ended up with the drums in our room. Luckily I didn't see them when I came in last night all there would have been some tuneless antics last night ;).

All I want to do is go home. What time did I get in last night Bro????


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