Saturday, July 07, 2007

The next morning all my body really wants is a lovely cup of tea. Look at that the sky is clear blue.

In preference in going straight for an ice cream after breakfast I ask Les to take us to do some sightseeing, using the amp I bought in Manchester. We head down a road in the MOD area and to the cliff's. Can you guess what we have come to see?

Well its one of two things. And they're in opposite directions.

One is called Stack Rocks and the other Green Bridge.

We head off in the direction of Green Bridge.

The veiw over the cliffs is magnificant.

Whats this rock. What is everyone looking at?

Ah there birds nesting all over it.

Well they choose somewhere if a nice view. Where this Green Bridge?

The water looks invting, how about diving in Les?

Look another rock.

with yet more birds on it.

Gaz and Sarah get all excited about finding this Green Bridge and stride off eager to see what Nack has brought them to. As if I know!

Come on Nack the sooner we see this the sooner we head back to Tenby for ice cream!

Do you think thats it? Well does it look Green?

Neither is this but its far more intresting to look at.

I think they are pretty weeds.

Well its not a brdige to the far end.

Is this the Green bridge or not?

I think Les has decided it is. He's taking a picture of it.

Do you think its called the Green Bridge becasue the water is Turqiose?

Look more weeds.

Didn't Pulp write a song about weeds?

It can't be the Green Bridge look. Its plainly not Green. Its more rock coloured.

Over there is the chapel in the cliffs.

Well lets go and check out the Stack Rocks then.

Its a hell of a walk. Have I ever told you I hate walking?

Wow thats some fungus. How's going to try to eat it first? Do you think it will BBQ

Not a single bird has moved.

Perhaps they are sleeping.

No look there's one flying.

erm whats this. Are they edabile?

I wounder if they will BBQ?

I talk it these are the stack Rocks then Nack

I guess so but there is something else to look at a bit further on.

A single seagule. Now I know they BBQ really well.

Obviously taking in the view.

Whats this cassern?

Probably best not get too near the edge.

Well could this be what I'm looking for.

Yes it is.

Can you see what I can see?

I'm going to jumpo over that split in the rocks, thats what I'm going to do.

Erm just a rocky bay here.

And here.

Another non Green Arch

more rocks

Another arch in the distance. This could all get ot much for some.

Ah this is it. If only the others could have been bothered to walk this far.

I've got to get myself a dinghy.

As if this picture tells you anything.

Another view of the crack in the rock.

A look back at where I have come from. I fancy that ice cream I think.

I'll have to walk back around this rock formation I guess.

Lets hope it doesn't all crumble away under my feet.

because its a

A long long way down that water hole.

I wonder how long it would take to walk to the chapel?

Back at the car they are all waiting for me, eager for ice cream.

So eager that Les tries his hardest to kill us all before we get chance to eat it!

Tenby at last. I no longer need ice cream. What I need is a long stiff drink.

the north beach is quiet.

A view of that famous rock and the bay.

The most painted harbour in the world.

Isn't that pretty?

ah Tenby's famous ice cream parlour.

Ah at last. ooooohhhhh

That looks nice Les.

This is the perfect hangover cure. If only I had one. Perhaps that's why I like Tenby. Hangovers here are far and few between.

We all split up for a bit and i go down the beach for a walk and to meat Deamanjones and co.

The sea is on the wa out.

So the beach is becoming bigger and bigger.

The beach, a real propoer sandy wonderful beach.

Lets hope nobody wants to use their boat!

Well its time for a cup of tea.

We find an arty place that does tera and food as well. And inside you can buy some pottery and then paint it too.

Well after some refreshments its to Castle beach.

The blue flag is flying. I wonder what we should do. Fancy a bucket and spade Zoe?

Zoe sets out to show me what to do. What she didn't know at first, was I won many a sand castle competion when I was younger.

Much younger of course.

What a moat.

A perfectionist

To be honest I've never added greenier before.

Hell from now on Greenier on all sand castles.

Some folk just don't want to join in the fun.

We even had a long road to it.

Obviously the moat wasn't deep enough.

The entrance to the establishment.

The finished artical

A very very proud moment in my life, what about you Zoe?

Well we leave the castle behind and go in search of Tenby's secret Cave.

It's not that hard to find but what is hard to work out is just how far under Tenby it actualy goes.

On the Solest the sun shine through and lights the whole cave. Oh sorry thats just a rumour. er something to do with Ireland actually.

None of us actually fancy going through the gap and into the cave beyond.

And so make our way out.

Towards that blinding sun.

How come we had not seen this gapping hole before?

It doesn't look much from the outside see.

We wander towards the campsite via the beach.

A rock on the beach.

We leave Tenby town in the distance. But before we leave the beach we decide to....

Build one more sand castle. Only this one is a human sand castle.

Now like all good buildings you have to get the foundations right first.

Now relax deadmanjone. And keep you eyes closed if you know whats good for you.

When I said relaxed I didn't mean fall asleep!

Deadmanjones are you willing to be interveiwed?

Now wasn't that fun.

Its's a marelous human sand castle but its missing something.

Ah Greenier of course!

Well its time to leave.

A quick alteration and we are off to get changed.

Looks like the beer is out already.

Les is completely bafalled how Rob beat him at golf.

He is even more puzzled by the bucket and spadea and hows it was.

Look slike I've causght the Tenby sun.

We get a minibus taxi into Tanby for a meal in the Cube and some beers.

Well the meal was great.

And by the time we left it was dark. Still time for some Kiln park entertainment mind to finish the night off ;)


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