Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday we got up and left about midday. It was a moment to soon really...

As a few miles out the rain came down hard!

Under Tenby Arch and off to the country roads.

Nack advises Les to come off the usual route in favor of a mystry tour! Whats this then. Shall we stop and have a look?

Well when it said there was an abbey here I thought it might have been a complete one. How wrong I was.

Les wouldn't even get out of the car!

As we head down some country lanes we pass a sign for a gold mine. Do we stop and ahve a look or not?

Whats here? How much? Shall we go and see it? We won't becoming this away again for some time so I think we should.

At the cash desk we are are asked if we want to have a tour? Have a tour mate. We don't even know what we've come to see! And so we are booked in for an underground tour. The prcie goes from £3.40 entrance to £7.20 including an underground tour! oooooohhh

This place is in fact called Dolaucothi Gold Mines. This is in fact the ONLY gold mine open to the public in Britain.

We get preped for our underground tour and are passed a gold bar. boy was it heavy.

People have been seeking welath here since before the Roman arrived. Dolaucothi is THE place to buy real Welsh gold jewellery. It's world renowed for its natural pink tinit - as used to create the Prince of wales' wedding ring!

Well this is the entrance to the mine!

Wow is that gold in the rocks. no it is mainly arsnick!

The white stuff is in fact some kind of bacteria! It has a very odd long name. And no I can't remember it.

Our tour guide knows more about acient Rome than gold mining. But is at least enthusiastic about giving us a tour.

As you can see she has got us all ingrossed. It was actually realy enjoyable.

A tunnel surprisingly.

Time to climb out. I can't see a dam thing.

Day light at last. We come out of a different opening. Erm looks like its been raining again while we weree in there.

Not quiet as tight as that silvre mine in Kuta Hora Les?

Fresh air.

We all go for a ramble back to the main gold camp.

Well its a pretty flower.

Its amazing what those Romans built.

without the tour this would have been a waste of money and pants. Take note.

Shall we have high tea all?

Well enough excitment about gold and its off home via some backway.

Why a church here? there one 4 houses!

And a lot of trees on a hill.

We eventually get to the dam side of a large resevoir called Llyn Brianne.

If it was only covered in snow. and I had thought to bring my snowboard.

Still clean so no point me wrting on it yet.

I can see they are both exstatic about coming this way!

I took a picture of the place's sign just in case I forgot what it was called. As if!

We then drive to the top of the dam.

Not surprsingly it is pretty much the same only windier!

And wetter if you fall in.

Thankgod for that back in the car and in the warmth. Lets not bother slowing down for the cattle grid eh.

A scenic view over the lake.

If the sun was out I guess it might be nice here. But it isn't.

More water more tree's.

Light speed Les.

more water, more green things growing out of the ground.

Oh how I do like a drive through the country.

Some twisty bits. luckily for the passengers theres no other cars around ;)

Hills glourious hills.

And a stream.

And a valley. That sream must have took decades to have dug this valley out.

Wet wet wet.

Clouds as far as the eye can see.

Back in the forest.

Then out the otherside again.

It's a bit like the hockey kockey.

Look Les we are here.

Get us back on the main road for god s sake Nack

I think a boat would be more useful!

Les I'm going to have a kipp. All this excitment has worn me out.

Are we home yet? And I wonder what Beardy is thinking?


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