Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well after seeing the doctor on Friday afternoon and with very little happening I got my brother off his arse and down to Milton Keynes.

Yep some fresh snow on the way! I even got huge a discount for being in the snowboard club, whihc made the journey worth while.

Even better the place was empty. Maybe because every other member of the snowboarding club was camping near the snowdome in Tamworth! YUK that must be wet.

So we were able to spread out a little bit.

And go faster than you truely want.

It was a great 1 hour in the frdige I can tell you ;)

Then afterwards we went shopping. I got myself a nice new Quicksilvre hoodie. Now I won't be taking this one to Blast Off.

I made it home just about 3pm to be collected by Sara to go to the cinema to watch Pirates of The Caribbean part II. A twisted plot that kept getting twistier and twister. It was odd and not as captiviating as the first one (the best in my opinion).


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