Tuesday, July 24, 2007

While Virgin show there effort in making the British Railway System something we can acceptably use and rely on, some twat sticks the two fingers up at them and their invested money. If I were Virgin I'd burn the new trains and fuck off to another country and leave everyone stranded at the stations that morning. I'm sure its not as simple as that and I'd love to see the Arriva trains tilt when their wheels finaly drop off. Lets face it the Arriva bus service here is crap, there buses are crap, their staff are crap. So which nob decided they could run trains. I even saw an Arriva bus in Copenhagen city center once. How about that for getting lost! Its no wonder they sometime don't turn up on a Friday / Saturday night in Wolvo. Anyway the only trains I'm happy to go on are Virgin trains so I guess I'll have to use one of the two cars more.

As you may have been aware, Virgin Trains has recently been involved in bidding for the right to retain the operation of the CrossCountry rail franchise. Unfortunately, the Department for Transport (DfT) has announced that our bid has not been successful.Obviously, we are extremely disappointed at this decision, having achieved so much in the 10 years that Virgin Trains has operated CrossCountry. We have almost doubled the number of passengers using CrossCountry; introduced a complete fleet of new high-speed trains; transformed timetables; promoted rails environmental credentials and challenged domestic air markets; and revolutionised passengers experience of rail travel and customer service. Virgin Trains will continue to operate the existing Virgin CrossCountry franchise until 11th November, 2007 when we will hand over to the new operator, Arriva plc. As you would expect, we shall do everything we can to ensure our passengers are unaffected by this change in ownership. Arriva will inherit most of our superb staff, and Im sure they will continue to provide a safe and reliable operation, with excellent customer service.The DfTs decision has no effect on Virgin Trains other franchise, West Coast, which runs services from London Euston to Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, North Wales and Glasgow. The current Virgin CrossCountry tilting Voyager services between Birmingham, Crewe, Preston, Carlisle and Scotland will transfer to Virgin West Coast on 11th November, along with the traincrews and trains. The current Virgin CrossCountry tilting Voyager services between Manchester and Scotland will cease from 9th December and be replaced by services operated by First Trans Pennine Express. I would like to thank you for travelling on Virgins CrossCountry trains over the last 10 years.Yours sincerely Chris Gibb Managing Director Virgin CrossCountry


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