Saturday, August 04, 2007

After the winter sport session we went back to the apartment to refuel and collect my parents.

It was then off to see the Fourth Bridge.

We throw some money to the machine and off we go.

Exciting or what!

We park up at the viewing area and read the sign. Well I do anyway.

The bridge we have just driven across. A magnificate piece of modern concrete.

And in the distance the beautiful steelwork of yesteryear.

Well if you take a closer look.

Yep we were all well astounded.

As we were the other side of the river we thought we would go to the Sealife center. Unlike the one in Brum at least this one is near the sea.

And so we looked at the little fishes.

Well some were not little

And some were not nice.

While others were more beautiful but highly toxic to the touch!

So its best not to.

In the deep sea part of the aquraium there were deep sea fish and plenty of them.

But like in the real sea there was no code.

I guess you could eat it. A lot less hassel than a plaice.

Suddenly the fish were on the move.

Perhaps the shark thought it was dinner time.

Did he make it????

Back to the aquarium of beautiful fish.

And things you would not like to step on...

Or near really.

Reminds me of when I used to have a fish tank.

I too had a Buddha in the tank. All the rage back then.

If you look closely you can see some other fishes too.

A sea horse.

A yellow bellied dropster with a long nose.

Well theres only so many fish you can admire.

And instead we gaze at these in amzement. Fish that go on land.

See I wasn't kidding.

Odd looking things.

Something even the French will not eat. Well not if you do not want to die anyway.

There's nothing like good camoflarge.

With all the excitment of the fish I was surprised to see this.

A Maccies Ice Cream Kiosk. Heaven on earth. And so we all had ice creams. yum yum yummie.

Our next stop was the amazing Falkirk Wheel. And get ready for it.

you'll notice it looks nothing like a wheel.

I suppose its got something to do with the song, the wheels on the bus go round and round.

It is however an example of fine and simple engineering. So it kept me amused ;)

ooo look coggs.

Well it got rid of a load of locks becasue the people on the cannal boats got ratyher lazy and just could not be bothered with it all.

Well I found a good position and....

Took one of my boring movies.

Its a long one.

Once back in Edinburgh we went to a couple of bars and had dinner.

then we went to a couple of more bars.

In the distance we could hear the Tattoo at the castle.

We settled in the warmth of another pub and I admired the features of the place.

While being told by a regular that this is the pub Sean Connary comes in when he's in town.

I'm sure that's really not the time.

We go for a walk to Princesses Street.

And head to get a good vantage point to see the fireworks.

We wait and wait....

and wait.

At last........

And yes another movie.....


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