Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday and I try to check in online only to get 'system error you must go to the desk message'. Not good realy as I have booked a tight flight. So I leave work in Brum and head to the airport. I park the car in car park 2 and head over to the desk no que and no baggage to check in as its all with Les. At the desk I'm asked if I really want to book in as the flight is delayed until 8pm. ARRRGGG what else am I going to do ?!?!?!?

I book in and well head to the bar and have a nice pint of strongbow.

I breakup the bar activites by looking in the book shop and newsagent.

On the small prop plane I look out the window and consider......

If one of those blades comes loose its bye bye me instantly I guess.

Well once that the apartment in Edinburgh I get some tea and then..

we nip across York Place and into the Comedy Stand.

We have tickets for the midnight show.

Its always great to get a bit of comedy in along with some beers.

3 hours later and its time to go to bed, luckily bed is just across the road ;)


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