Saturday, August 04, 2007

Next day one sore head I got up and looked out the window. was there any sun I thought?

Les had beat me up and to be honest another couple of hours kipp would not have gone a miss.

Les had knidly brought my snowboard up with him as he had driven up yesterday morning.

So hopefully the fresh air would do me some good.

Mind the sofa was comfy so I took a moment to study the ceiling.

Eventually we put the stuff into the car and headed out of town.

We pass an old haunt with vague memories.

And the 'local' pub where there were even more vager memories.

So thats what the front door looked like.

In the distance can be seen Europes longest dry ski slope. Yippeeeeee

We go and pay the whole of 8 quid. And can you beleive it your even given a ski slop map!

Although to be hoenst it is a little over the top for the venue.

I guess its time to bore you with some snaps of me snowboarding. So here me going up a dreaded drag lift.

My brother ho's sking down the slope!

Mind he makes it look easy.

Where as I struggled on my board. I got to say hands down to those who do it regular on a snowboard. Perhaps mine is too long for the odd bendix.

Eventually I got up off my arse.

I slowly got the hang of it.

While my brother was posing on his two planks.


Then back up.

Skiing intresting I'm sure?!?!?

Fancy going to the top Rob?

Obviously not?

It slowly got better and better.

I even remember how to turn once more.

Back to the skier once more.

He won't come to the top though.

Well I think I'm about ready to go up there on my own in a minute.

Just one more go before I go to the top.

Thats it I'm ready for the big slope I guess.

And so up the chair lift I go.

nice to see the slopes are busy.

Mind the view at the top was worth it. Look There's Arthors Seat.

And the city of Edinburgh.

I suppose its time to look down?!?

Erm suddenly it looks steep from here.

Erm yep that bit was steep.

Well I beter get down there then.

The lodge where Les was having a nice cup of tea.

The last run. Boy I'm tired.


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