Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday morning and yet another early day to take you cousines child for his 3rd kinder lesson.

A cup of coffee from starbucks for me and we watched the progres from the chilly balcony. He's coming on well although he needs to repeat this lesson.

Like all kids though there seems no to be no wearing him out and we stop at Chasewater to play in the park and feed the ducks.

And did they want feeding.

There was a few big swans swimming as well. Once back in the car and on the way home he fell asleep. Odd that because I must have to as I went home completly the wrong way!

Once home my latest ebay buy had turned up. Yep another project for the car. Two 8" subwhoofers. Not very big but there's only limited space in the Eunos. All I need now is to win that Kenwood amp tonight.


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