Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday night and I got to see Mr Bean's holiday. Now I went on a rant about some bad films lately but guess what. I THINK THIS BITES THE BULLET of the worst in the last coouple of weeks. What kind of people find this crap funny. Funny it is not. Humourous it is not. Entertaining it is not. Utter rubbish is what it is.

Take it from me you'd be better off watching Shrek 3! God what am I saying. I'll admit to the fact I watched it to the end. And the End is the best bit. And no I don't mean when it finaly finishes which you'll be greatfull for but the climax of it all. The way it ends and pulls the story that is ment to be running throughout the film togeather. It ends and thankgod for that.


  1. Anonymous10:57 pm

    still been no film to beat transformers this summer it rocked !! greenie !

  2. Anonymous10:58 pm

    oh and pirates 3 was shit too



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