Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday night and Mr Poade invited me out for tea and to see his new home. Which is very nice.

When I got there he was still at work, but Maddie and Deadmanjones kept me entertained. We even went vegtable hunting round the back and ran through some ideas on what to do with the summer house.

You could see that Al was either eager for his dinner. And so off we went in a tax to St. Pauls Square.

Low and behold it was a curry resturant- namely the presitigous Lasan Resturant. Yep not a curry house and no balti dishes to be seen anywhere. Matt seemed concerned I'd make a fuss - but I've just noted it down to take my own with me next time and when the food comes I'll just throw it in! The nans were nice and the food was like no other curry I'd had before. In fact this Mugh Jalfrazia could possibly have not ben one as far as I was concerned. The food mind was nice nice nice. Argh and did I mention the nan. Deadmanjones and myself supped some cool refreshing largers while Maddie and Mat opted for some wine. The service was slow which I don't mind sometimes but on this occassion I'd been saving myself for this meal and was starving starving starving. So there wasn't much left ;)

While Maddie and Mat went home Deadmanjones and myself headed into Harborne for a drink or two. Al had an ale and myself a Carlsburg. It was possibly the worst drink Al had ever had apparently to the point he slung it in the hedge and went back ing the bar to buy something in a bottle. What a dude.


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