Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday and I get up early again and wake the cat. she is happy to see me as usual, which is a shame because I'm going out.

3 hours latter I'm here. But what is inside?

Well its like the Bayeux Tapestry only a modern version of world war II.

It makes an intresting tale to read to. Some women in Scotland made it. Took five years then a brewer kept it in their loft. Which was ok becuase they paid the Scottish women to make it. They finaly give it to a museum here in Portsmouth.

While outside there was a tank or two.

And even a statue to get you excited.

Eventuall y my Grandad turned up from the Isle of Wight and we walked down the promande towards a rally that was getting togeather on the green.

We saw some boats.

Another War Tribute.

And finaly the VW's. Many bettle and ....

many nice campers. Boy are they dear. I think over priced somewhat. One was up for sale at 26 grand. I mean come on - it didn't even have a flat screen tv in it and you can see the ground through the holes were the peddles pop through the floor.

Some hard graft ad obviously gone into some of them though.

Although what looks mint from a distance doesn't always close up ;)

Even Herbie and a replica was here. Oh what a day.....


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