Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday I thought it best not to get up for breakfast but to catch up on some sleep my body needed. Not that Les seemed eagar to do anything.

We cleaned up and left the apartment and headed into the city gardens.

Where although it was raining we admired some of the flower arrangments and the begiining of the carnival.

Oh yeah some true Scottish weather was upon us.

A statue here

Some grass over there.

Les and my mom go on the Carrasel.

Its here every year and every year they go on it.

We wander some more.

I take in some more marvelous art in the form of statues.

Just look at the detail.

And then as if I needed any more exercise we wlalked up the Royal Mile to the Whisky Center.

Anywhere else it would have been graffited STREET.

We wander around the promo area.

Getting wetter and wetter.

And thinking was I here last night ;)?

Time to refuel in the dry.

Erm busy in here, I wander why?

We wlak back to the apartment o get our taxi to the airpoirt and bid farewell to Les and Rob.

For a change the plane leaves on time.

But his isn't the plane we end up catching, oh no...

Erm I do like Edinburgh.


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