Saturday, September 01, 2007

The morning came and we got the BBQ out. We didn't cook a fresh sheep mind.

We had some of the delicous keebabs from the local butcher from where Al and Zoe live, along with some wonderfull sausage. Al did not take part mind.

Look here comes a sheep.

Our mini chairs looking the part.

Good just llok at that text.

Are they done yet. I'm ready to eat one raw I think.

You'd never believe I'd fit on it!

One has only so much patenice

The camp.

Zoe and AL look quite at home.

I hope this isn't going to be a long walk.

I think thats far enough. I can only just see the tent from here.

Erm green hills. Suddenly I think this is going to hurt.

Random tracks in a field. At least the three kings followed a star.

Yep its a long way back. Shall we turn around?

Knew it we are lost!

And don't tell me are not. This is not a path.

erm thats it leave me here.

ah a waterfall. Now thats made it worth it.

Are you sure this isn't someones garden?

Wildboarclough Flood Disater 1989. But there's nothing here? Oh apart from a pub. Can we stop. I want a cup of tea!

Well another sign post. Shall we flip a coin?

You can hear god calling? Well go on then lets visit him.

Nice windows. Ar ethey by Everest by anychance?

Nice brick work for that matter?

Me in the church yard

How's that then with the same wooden cross?

Then thats what I call a great plan, walking towards nothingness!

Nothing in all directions. If only the hills where covered in snow.

Nack will catch up when he's ready.

Please tell me weare not walking up there.

Of course we Nack.

Its like being in the Lord of the rings walking thse forest areas.

Are there any dragons around?

I'm still worrid we are walking into nothingness.

I'm thinking of food. Its the only thing keeping me going.

Right I've lost that thought and had to stop

Have a drink of this Nack. It won't give you wings though.

But maybe we can get a kit out!

Ah so this is why we climbed the hill!

Pull some stunts Zoe.

Better feed Nack I guess.

Lads its so high I can't see it anymore.

Me neither. I guess its up there somewhere.

What do you mean we are walking in that direction!

Well we've meet some life. Be it a hen.

Ah human inhabitants. Look they have a 4x4. We could borrow it. They'll never notice!

Regretably it looks like we are walking.

Things look rocky,

A change of terrain.

And suddenly we end up by a river next to the YMC. And dinner time.

Erm ths is going to taste sooooo good.

My it does taste good.

Fully energised we walk on. UP HILL you'll notice.

We reacha rocky outlet. But this isn't where we are trying to get to.

Al just gets his bearings.

Zoe scrupulates his map reading.

Zoe there's something different about you. What could it be. Have you done something to your hair?

Theres a cave down here.

Intresting place. I think King Jamescame here once. He followed a star most likely.

Nack sits down and gets comfy.

Another half an hour of wlaking up hill and we get to the church!

This is it. A church.

I think its down here.


A staircase.

Do you ever get the feeling of Tomb Raider?

this is truely weird.

Hope that dinosour doesn't jump out.

Do you think this beats that Tenby cave?

No way. There was plenty more to explore in that Tenby cave.

Follow me.

Its going to be tight.

Push Al will you I'm nearly there.

Its another world. Well done Nack.

Don't stand to close to the edge because......wev'e moved the sign ;)

Back to the church. There must be an alter somewhere.

Perhaps thats it.

Do you think we'll find the lost ark of the conervant here?

Babalony thats back home in my garden shed.

Don't look now Al this looks scary.

Its a mud bath and its taking no prisoners.

What are you pair playing at.

the alter's this way.

Npoe just antoher dead end.

This way then.

Do ever get that creepy feeling?

If there's a pub at the end of this I'll be surely drinking with elves. Please let one of them be as beautiful as Liz Tylor.

You see this green stuff. You can eat it, watch.


Back in the forest we make our way to somewhere.

If only we had a frying pan we could fry the mushrooms.

Guess we are lost then?

Erm looks like a Elf trap to me.

Ah sign in the middle of the woods. How practical. Shall we move this one too?

It would have to be the path up wouldn't it.

Ah the purple heather.

i wonder, can you eat this as well?

And now green heather.

A decent well troden path now thats reassuring.

Yes a good veiw of nothingness once more.

Up and up. When I go snowboarding a least they have the descentcey to instal lifts up.

The green green grass. What a poor program that was.

I think it only wise to say ' can we start heading home before I die.

The world is a wonderfull place. Often better explored on the sofa.

Pink heather, now I've seen it all.

what's that in the distance.

Do you ever get the feeling we are heading the wrong way.

Well its getting closer.

Isn't this what we have come to see?

Not far now Nack. My arse, or more to the point my feet.

Nack you have not seen anything yet.

I dunno Al I don't think Nacks going to make it back to the tent!

Suddenly supper Nack comes to life and leads the pack.

Nack slow down.

Where the hell has he got to?

He won't keep it it up.

Erm his gone!

I can see him in the distance. Perhaps we should have given him the map.

More heather, a sea of beautiful heather. Heather I want to dance in and feel the joy of the freedom of beig in the middle of nowhere with achy feet.

Watch out for the rock.

Ah hangng stone this way.

Becasue without the sign you'd never know.

This countrys big. I hope Tenby's over the next hill.

Er we are here. The hanging Stone. So call ed because it hangs!

and its a long way down.

We came from somewhere over there.

Al don't look down.

It's a long long way

If I stand here I may got blown away!

Are you going to jump or what Nack?

Well actually I'm clinging for dear life.

oh whats that say?

The veiw from behind the hanging rock.

It says this......

Well well well, wasn't it worth the five hours walk so far?

Whats this say?

oh that....

Bye bye hanging rock.

Fair well big boulder.

Things will never be the dame again.

Life changes and so do your surroundings.

And the twisty path of life.

You never know where your going to end up

You'll never understand the route you choose.

The gaps you have jumped.

the rivers you have waided.

The signs you have mis-read.

The calls you could have made but didn't.

The blurrer drunken decisions made at nights in the pub.

But the journey we made togeather

means that

I know

I'll never go for another eight hour walk again.

Ah my car.

Well time to pack the tents up.

If I only had the energy left. Thanks for great weekend ;)


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