Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saturday and Zoe and Al take me local shopping, then to Morrisons and then to some camping super store before we go MOZFEST!

It's just like V with camping and all! Best of all though you'll be lucky to have heard of anyone - or so I thought!

At the camping shop I got a water proof mat and this small chiar. Just the right size to fit in the Eunos.

Luckily enough it fits my bum too. (just).

The crowds were pilling in while we were playing with some thingies.

See. How cool, how refreshing, how obviously rubbish I am at it!

Hey Al I recongise these.
Don't get to excited Nack I think they're a cover band!

The festival gets really going.

The sky darkens.

And the super rig of lights comes into awsome effect.

Al I want to win a fish.

You can't its illega to do that now.

Obvisouly not at Mozfest though ;)

We catch some more tunes in the still of the refrshing chilled night munching on nugget.

Zoe decides she needs to do some more exercise.

And so be it she does.

Yep even in the dark she makes it look easy.

I think we are all out of nugget, shall I visit the sweetie store again?

The patry continues and eventually......

They light up the toliet area which is a little bit boogy by now???

Well I'm off to the toliet area then. If I'm not back soon I'm still trying to win a gold fish.....

Quick stop him. We don't need a gold fish Nack.

But I had only gone front stage to get a closer look at the 'stars'.

Zoe starts to noght dance with the twirly things again. Which.......

Brings over a crzed firestarter. Now things being to get dangerous....

Now tell me is his name Keith by any chance?

ohhoho stand back.

Don't burn your hands, clothes, hair.....face ???

Can I just point out there are five police persons now watching us!

erm perhaps they are enjoying it as much as we are.

At least it is warmer now.

I think the burger bar is closing. Anyone for a last burger?

Zoe you never know that 15 year old my still be there who was trying his luck withg you earlier ;)

Fun with fire thats all I can say. And why not. We all like a flame or two.

Bring it on.

Now these are good.

If only Pris were here.

Look at that dedication.

Nack you maybe impressed BUT I am not.

Why don't we try out the Chav Dance Tent then?

Police - ' Lads don't go to the Chav Dance Tent its full of 15 year olds fighting to dance on an overturned wheelie bin. Anything could happen.

We check it out. Its true and head off to the badn tent instead.

Now Al these are TRUELY GOOD. Who are they????

They are called Death to the Ghosts.

Well I'm going to have to try and get some of their albums. Remind me in the morning who they are again.

Well it was time for bed eventually and so off we went to the Mill to sleep. No tents for us tonight oh no.

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