Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunday was MX5 National Rally day at the Car Herritage Center in Gaydon. And so I went to park my car with many other MX% owners

It was nice to get a fair few people interested in mine. There was a fair few VR-Ltd combination A's but mine seemd to be the only B there.

The Eunos collection.

ooh red ones!

An even rare than my car, a M2 1002. Very rare but I'm not impressed by it.

you get less but pay more? eh. Deep pile carpet and leather everything.

Inside the museum we see some other rare cars!

Thunderbirds car and Lora Crofts motor too.

now some drove this to the Cape of Good Hope and back. Now that gets me thinking.

I stay till the end as I bought a fivers worht of raffle tickets. Now I didn't win £250 of MX5 parts vouchers. Or £250 insurance voucher for Anon. or the Magnum of Champers. Or the red and white wine. Or the hrad lamps. No none of those but a I one a prize......

Yes I won the last prize. And no its wasn't the book - I bought that. What I won was the red Auto Glym T-shirt :(

Well the one other thing I did buy was something to replace this.

Which was this! Awesome I know!

Latter popped around Rog's and played with his new kitten

Goes by the nameof Xara.

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