Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well after a last minute call from Beardy, I rang North back and told him I would be up town afterall.

We headed to the hoggshead and meet a few others in there too.

Everyone was up to watch the Rugby. I guess the only other thing you could have been doing was watching the snooker.

Anyway there was a few Ales on and so Beardy encourage me to have a few Hob Goblins with him followed by a few Olde Trips. Oddlly after these few pints its was obvious he needed a pint of orange squash, which he was given. However he knew better and aparrently left the orange squash, left the pub and caught the bus home. And apparently he was sick just after getting off the bus erm nice.

Well the night went on, and so 4 of us escaped to the Dil Shad. Where someone came over shock my hand and wished me well. As Norf can be seen in the photo he enquires ' how do you know all this strange people'. Well believe me I don't know who they are either. The chap seemed to mutter something about knowing me from a long time back?? Any way on with the curry - I noticed the bombay mix wasn't out so they must have known I was coming tonight.

Now the iggest probelm with the Dil Shad is the fact they don't serve their meals in a balti dish. This really narks me and in fact stops me going. If only I had remembered before wlaking through the door.

As we walk towards the black cab stand Norfy reminds me the black cabs are on strike. Something to do with them being pissed off by the likes of me flagging down private cabs and not booking them before hand. All I can say to this is the cab service in Wolvo stinks. It has for years and it still does so. And so I decide to head back towards lazzies kebab shop to flag down a private cab I havn't booked, Seems like there stirke action is working then!

While there I notice the wonderful Xmas lights of Wolvo have already been put up. I was trying my best when up town earlier to ignore all the Xmas stuff in the shops. ITS JUST TOO BLOODY EARLY TO HAVE IT INT HERE YET FOR CHRIST SAKE.


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