Friday, October 05, 2007

Well apart from going to the gym regular and watching lots of films I've not done much. The dark nights are with us and well thats plain dull. Friday and we went off to Wing Wah's, which is just like the one in Brum only its bigger in Wolvo. It was Marges bithday and we all set about eating as much as we could, as well as having a drink or two. 20 odd dishes latter and I was satisfied with watching Tom drink as much of the choclate fountain has he could - from a bowl of course. The best bit was obvoisuly his choclate covered face at the end of it ;) smashing! The night I had nightmares. Yep I remember waking up at 5:15am all was dark and I was sweating. NExt time I wake up was another exact 5:15 minutes latter at 10:30am. How odd. I dam the nightmares on those E numbers in the sauces ;)


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