Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well in the week I had a call from the SBA to tell me my snowboard was ready for collection. Whippe and so on Saturday we went over to Tamworth and I collected my serivced snowboard - for a mere £35 quid.

This obviously ment I had to give it whirl on the slopes. Boy oh boy was it busy.

After a session we all had some cobs and then Scott & Joe went for a snow play session and so we had a coffe in the Apine lounge.

The kids had been lucky on the crane grabbing machine and had both won a Twinee somehow!

It was nice to watch them play while we drank our warm nice nice coffee's.

The rest of the day and night was spent ina pub or several in Wolverhampton watching the football and rugby. To be honest I can't remember who won what or why I got home at 3:30am when I never went clubbing. Nice curry though ;)

Sunday was obvously spent regreting Saturday!


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