Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday night I headed upto Bilston and The Robin 2 Club to see Pris and a couple of other bands play as it was a WM live recoding session special.

The lads were infact on stage before I got there. I could hear them through the walls.

Mind it wasn't particularly crowded in there. There was no rush to get at the bar. In fact the service at the bar was quite the opposite of the Varsity - which is so nice.

For a change I even managed to get a good picture or two of John on the drums.

Well here are Pris playing Lunar Polar.

And also Stay With Me.

Unfortunatly the next two bands just didn't do it for me what so ever. It was a dissapointment. I sure lead singer Greg thought should get a staff with a foil skull at the end of it just like this to guy to play with during Norf's ambitious and most exellent guitar rifts.


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