Friday, November 23, 2007

Well I got my bank statement last night and give it a quick check. Yep there was the cheque for the Xmas break cashed. And nope I hadn't gone into the red like I'd expected. But where was the £165 quid I took my brother up to the bank and paid in cash at the end of last month?? Eh its not there. Then I noticed a deposit of £65. That can't be right?!? Well luckily I had kept the transaction receipt.

Not so luckily it also said £65! NOOOOOOOOO. Well I went the bank which I had paid the cash into and explained. Notibly even though I had no proof of paying in such a sum they listened, sat me down and disapeared. After 5 minutes or so later she popped out along with with the branch manager and agreed there had been a balance error on there accounts at the end of the day I had put the so called £65 and were willing to give me the cash. Yipppeee thankgod - cuz I'm sure like me £100 spondounes is a lot to loose. So next time I give cash and count it out to the cashier I'm going to check those reciepts in future because you never know.


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