Sunday, November 11, 2007

Well my phone bill came and this month I have gone over my inclusive minutes! Shriek and so my bill has topped the tenner mark. Sheiks. I even rang France twice which normally stings.

I thought we'd take a look at the mobiles I have gone through over the years. Well this was the first one a Panasonic brick thing. Mind it was state of the art digital back then.

Next was the ever popular Nokia 5100 series. The best thing with these was when those flashing aerials came out. Yep I had one two with some kind of laser fitted to the top - now that cut the battery down a bit.

Things suddenly shrank and the next phone was the very impressive Erricson T28. Small light and functional. My favourite phone to date but was that because it had Tetris built in?

In someways the T39 was better than the T28, it was faster - but hey where is tetris. This tennis game is bollocks. Now have blue tooth as well. I still have this phone.

Bigger and battery lasted a hell of a lot longer than the erricson. I'm not sure this was an 'upgrade' but just a new phone with many many gimmicks and that wonder full all functioning wheel. Oh where the aerial gone?

Well next came colour screen with the Sony Erricson T68. Oh life just got so good.

Another Sony Erricson, the menu gets better, the screen better, more tunes, more games, more battery life, a little bit small and to add an extra punch a 1meg pixel camera. Charming. This wore well as well.

Well we end where I am at the moment the D750i. Phose have moved on slightly from here but I'm not upgrading yet. now we get 2 mega pixel camera, get colour screen, JAVA Internet, tunes, movies, flash, torch, etc. We can even put huge memory cards in! One disappointing thing is the body of this phone wears out fast. The rubbing in the pocket takes the colour out of the keys and body making it look tatty really quickly. You can get replacements but they get tatty too quickly. Well what will my next phone be? The ipod one? No I guess it will be the Sony Ericson one with 5 mega pixel camera.


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