Sunday, November 04, 2007

While I have a nasty chest I, the weather was fine and Big-L was up for going to his local bonfire on SATURDAY NOT the 5th November. So off we went. The bonfire was lite up.

And so it burned getting us warmer and warmer. We checked out the stall but there was no beer on offer! Just tea and coffee.

We starred into the firey glow thinking if I only had a sausage on a stick AND a beer.

Didn't Inxs have a song about this? Or was it something else?

The disco lorry was here to so we could have a boggie before going home.

As the fireworks started Beardy turned up with four cans. Now get this there is three of us?

The fireworks were amazing.

Just like Beardy's posses.

The fire slowly burnt down.

I suggested we try waling on hot ashes but no one was interested. Why?

A video of the who event. If anyone knows of a firework display on the 5th November let us know where it is so we can go and celebrate Guy Fawkes. I bet the kids these days don't even know who he was?

We retreat to the warmth of the Littleton and then the Railway. A few beers later and you'd never believe it was cold outside.


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