Sunday, December 02, 2007

Got up early Staurday and headed toward Machester. The big modernist art building is in fact a big modern fridge.

The latest indoor ski center The Chill FactorE. What a beautiful buidling.

Inside it all looks quite nice with a small bob ride too.

The slope looks nice and long and wide and empty.

Could that be there beacuse only one lift is working and..

There a slight que for the lift?

Just maybe???

Anyway they are fully booked for the whole day and so in the car and....

Up to Castleford near Leeds. and to the Escape Center instead.

Inside the entrance a rock climbing facility and high up some swinging platforms!

An awsome snowman. Can we take it home fo rthe garden. Would anyone notice.

Being dinner time we have a pitstop at Dexsters. And while they are not cheap the burger here are perhaps the biggest I've ever seen. How one earth are you ment to eat them curtesly? Nope no photo sorry.

At last we get changed and go on in.

One hour of pure pleasure. And coming here me and my brother both get a nice discount and low and behold I have another discount card on me to worth 20%!

While much further away than Milton Keynes Xscape it is much quiter here.

And so we play in the snow...

And then after all that exercise Scott has a messy gooey chocolate skewed marshmellows. Erm extra face meesy.

The day is finished off with a go on the trampolen thing, before the long dark journey home over the Pennines.

Once home I read the latest revision of Where To Ski And Snowboard. This years been updated a lot hence its worth updated to it. They even now have an improved web site (click picture above).


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