Friday, December 14, 2007

Today I service the Cav and it comes round just in time before I go away to Morzine. A new battery is fitted, god knows how old the one in is. Notably this helps start the Cav much quicker now. And a snip at £52 quid with the Halfords trade card rather then £100.

The old coolant is swapped for some pink stuff that can stay fluid until -63 deg C. Not that I'd be trying to drive if it was that cold.

The oil gets changed for some synthetic stuff I had kept handy.

I stick a new light switch in and wire up the fog lamp electrics.

Wow they work! Great eh. If only those driving lamps would have come by now??

Then fans witch is replaced, which means most of the dash board has to come off.

Oh and I got a pair of new indicators and a new wiper motor linkage off ebay too which I fitted. There's nothing like having a good tinker with the old car ;)


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