Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well Sunday night when we were out having a meal I was bidding on 3 Thomas the Tank Engine Train sets. Having bid on many before and not winning and Christmas looming I upped my bids and went off. By the time I got home I had won all 3! Yep me now t proud owner of 3 Thomas the tank engines. Well not quite. All 3 were advertised as being in A1 condition. Well the one that I won for an amazing low £3:50 I suddenly got an email saying they had tested it and the train did not appear to work hence they weren't going to send it. Luckily they said that before I had paid for it. One I had an email off saying they would post it tomorrow if I paid promptly - well I did. With 2 Thomas Train sets though I thought I'd better put the one back up for sale and get rid of it before Christmas so I did with a buy it now option of £29.99.

And during the week along comes train set number one. And I open it up only to find that it is in good condition apart from the power supply and transformer controller. At the same time someone presses the buy it now option on the one I'm trying to sell. Obviously I can't send them this one as its not in A1 condition as advertised thus I'll have t keep this one and send them the next one. Oddly the second one (which is being posted fro Cannock) still hasn't come and the Buy It now person wants to know when I'm sending the Thomas the tank train set they have bought off me, which I don't have yet.

However this isn't the only thing that I'm waiting off ebay for. Since 1st December I'm also waiting for some spot lamps. I Finlay email to ask if they have posted them yet. Well at least I get a reply 'no I've been too busy'. No doubt watching the Simpsons! Ah Ebay is doing my head in... Anyway here comes an email for train set number 1 which wasn't in A1 condition after all....


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