Monday, December 17, 2007

Well today I've been somewhere cold.

Very cold in fact. Thats right I've been outside ;)

Right I've been to Chill FactorE....for a seesion I had booked.

Yep look at all that snow. Now theres a couple of good things a bout this place. When the lifts stop. Someone does something about it pretty quickly ( and this happened often). The snow is truely wonderful. The slope is not flat but wibbly wobbly in shape just like a real mountain.

Me going up the drag lift. I'm getting used to these now. I used to hate them when I first snowboarded.

And here is my dad skiing for the first time since his accedent on the slopes back in March. Note my brother making sure he takes it easy.

And who do we have coming down the slope here?

Yep my mom breaking the speed record once more. Well she was going faster than usual for her.

Well after 1 1/2 hours time was up and I wanted more.

So we went to a bar and relaxed with a drink and a burger. In fact some of us may have relaxed too much!


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