Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Wednesday and the sun was out and the air was mountain crips fresh. How lovely.

We had our breakfast and then got to the top of the drive for the bus. A lovely veiw fo the chalet.

One of the good things about the chalet is the fact the bus does stop at the top of the drive. How useful!

Especialy with the great free public tranport system that was organised.

We get to Le Plenny in Morzine where we que for a lift pass. It costs a mere E152.00 each inlcuding carte neige.

Theres a large que for the gondala and so decide to take the chair lift up the mountian and why not being so sunny?

The morzine area is big so theres enough to play with here.

We are heading to the top of the Pleney area first though.

Well thats the nice easy slope down then.

I told you this would be a great way to get to the top of the mountain. All this fresh air should do you cough good.

The chairlift takes us higher and higher.

right then its over to Les Gets and Monte Chery then I think.

Well we get to Les Gets in one peice which is nice.

I look around to where we can catch the petite train across town.

I can see it coming in the distance.

Yet another mode of transport made for skiers. Nowhere to put the snowboard other than to take it on board with us.

And so at the other side we make our way up monte chery.

We take a look at the display to see whihc lifts are actually open.

And get a on a chairlift to head up to the top.

We make our way up enjoying the views.

We make our way down the red run on the backhalf of Mont Chery where it is quiet.

I don't know about you but I feel a bit out of form.

How do you fancy doing the moguled black run Rob?

What do you mean you don't. Won't a cup of Citrieon Tea and a pancake change your mind. Oh you'll think about it at the top.

So are we doing it or not.

I knew it would be a great idea to do it ;)

You see he's enjoying it really.

you can never have to many mogules.

Erm it looks a long bumpy ride down.

Are you going to get a move on or what?

Back on the town side of the mountain looking towards Les Gets.

And of course if you don't like sking or snowboarding here you can do some sky shooting.

When are you going to get up?

Never this is it. I'm out of steam.

We get across Les Gets town by walking to find the lifts chocka. And os take the old gondala up. Which....

Leads to this super long super fast drag lift. Shouldn't be a problem ;)

Well it shot me off the ground and a thought I had it but a bit up it was just going too fast and well off I fell.

And so we headed back down to join one of the wues for the fast chair lifts - which the ques had gone by the time we had gone down there.

In fact you must ask, where did everyone go to?

Mind the snow up here is miles better.

We head over the mountain over to the Nylon area and toward Morzine.

We take the easy blue run which leads onto a green back down into the town.

What a way to end the day.

Thankgod we didn't have to come down that run today afterall.

All we have to do now is find a bus - hopefully.

I watch the sunb set from the balcony.

Back at the Chalet we get washed changed and out the door to finda supermarket to get some food for the breakfast in the morning.

Wlaking down the hill to town is easy of course.

In the town the Christmas lights are up and looking pretty.

We have a look around thinking where can we eat affordably.

And end up here L'Etale.

It looks like we are lucky as many many people are turned away as the place is full to the brimm.

And so I'm able to do 3 of my favourite things. Drink larger

Eat pizza and

Write postcards - a nice black and white collection.

We leave full and head to bed......ready for a nother full day on the slopes.


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