Saturday, December 29, 2007

Again if you want to see all the picutres for this day then click on the picture above.

Another day and by the looks of it another healthy breakfast.

The chalet is a nice size.

And has veiws of the town below.

Outside on the balcony it is obvously going to be another sunny day.

Today we decide to stick near home and do the Les Gets Chavannes area.

As per most mornings we head up the chair lift sequence to get to the top of Plenny.

Its great to play in the snow when its suuny.

We first head over to the peak of La Rosta which at the top was ment ot have great views. And with blue skies it sure did.

We go up and down the lifts and runs in sequence trying to get every single one done - apart for the blacks of course.

You know what comes to mind at moments like this???? A nice cup of tea.

And so we pull into a mountain restuarant, I nip in and order. The chap next to me states your French may be crap but you do it with a great French accenit that makes it sound decent. Me and the waitress smile and wonder back into the sunshine.

Well who wants to snowboard when you can take these views in all day.

Erm well maybe everyone else as the chairs are all empty. And so off we go.

Up another chairlift to another great veiwing summit of Le Ranfoilly.

Nice but we've got places to do and be and so off we go.

We end up in Les Getz or should I say down and then there no where to go but back up the mountain.

Having done the Chavannes area we now move over to the Nyon section.

With the afternoon closing in theres no chance to do all these as well. In fact my legs are tired.

The area is nicely wooded and makes the runs a bit more varied.

Its nice and quiet as well, which makes it very gracfu up here.

Guess what! Tea time again and so I go in. It takes ages to get served, incredibly busy and I thought about giving up. You must have some patentents with the French. Not that they were being lazy they were running around madly. the person next to me gave up and disappeared back outside and oddly I was then served instantly!

Yes Rob I know where I'm taking us. You won't like it but I know where we are going.

I know its a black run but it will be alright! Honest.... I think she wants her photo taking.

And so we make our way to the lift.

On the lift up and it looks obvous that this is one of those proper black runs!

At the top and more glourious views. Well it takes your mind off that black run down.

This summit is called Chamossiere. And in fact there is a red run down the back of the mountain.

We look and relax enjoying the mountain fresh air.

Well over the verge then and off we go.

The snow up on this peak is in fanstic condition, which makes the run down great...

Which is lucky really as this red could also be classed as black in parts.

The sun begin to sets and we are both tired so its time to return down the mountain.

No easy green run down this time, nope we are trying to find run F or is that H?

This map just lies and the snow is crap down here. Many rocks in the snow.

We've just got to follow the gondala down the red motorway now.

Erm there's nothing worse than man made snow on top of ice block!

One ponders if my brother will make it down the mountain at all???

Once at the bottom its time to keep your eyes peeled for the bus.

Of course I'm looking in the wrong direction, but I do spot these people.

Well I hope they've got somewhere to land.

Well after getting back, showered and changed were do you think we end up again???

So not only do we visit the toliet once more but we also get some cheap meals in here.

And before you know it its time for bed........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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