Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year from the jolly river side banks of Boulougne.

We get up and have a leasurily breakfast in the Ibis. The boat isn't unitl 11:05am and so there no rush.

Even better we find the Ibis in Boulougne is exceedingly well positioned for the ferry terminal! Only about 2 minutes away. You could walk it but I wouldn't!

As we hand over our passports we get asked where we have been - and I tell them the Ibis. She reutrns a comment 'Wasn't it dead here in Boulougne last night'.

I let her know that its always dead here in france on New Years Eve. And that this is now a annual pilgrimage on New Years Eve.

She lets us know that there is a 30 minute delay for the ferry. This is like going to an airport! Perhaps they hadn't fixed the ferry - as Les had reported a day or two earlier that speed ferries had cancelled all sailings! And I think they only have one boat called Speed Ferry One. As in the many times I've used them thats their only boat I've ever been on.

Luckily my borther digs out his ipod and low and behold he's got some video files on it of Star Trek deep space 21 or something. Better than nothing to do at all!

Well there more cars here than there was for the P&O ferry last year. Shouldn't seem quiet like a ghost ship. More to the point I've still got my mobile phone!

Oddly boarding of the ferry isn't late afterall and we are all scooted on.

Here comes whats looking like a floating green shed. The rest of it is white.

I give it to P&O their ferries look stronger and sturdier.

Its the usual case of crame them on those ramps. Thankgod the handbrake still seems to work.

We are away, bye bye France.

The flag is flying and

we are really moving fast. this thing crosses the channel in 50 minutes.

Before you know it we are in the harbour of Dover.

There be a Norfolk Line ferry - they take 3 hours to cross!

Entering the Hover Prot Harbour where Top Gear did there car boat stunt.

The unloading area is in site!

The 'crowds' run to the car decks!

We all turn our engines on and try to gas ourselves.

We have moved!

We are just to touch the land of England

Yes back to miserable Blighty. I want the next ferry back to France.

And out of the port we go.

A few hours latter we arrive home. Ah is there a beer handy?


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