Monday, December 31, 2007

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Well the day we leave (New Years Eve) and the sun is out.

We have breakfast and clean up and pack.

The couple of days we have been here have seemed like a lovely long holiday and I would be so willing to stay here longer. With a day of rest of course.

The snowmen are on the cars roof still.

Lets hope they are lucky charms.

Well we were on our way home and after some road works we pondered if we were still on the right autoroute as during them there had been a junction of autoroutes with a sign most definietly saying at the last minute to get off - which we hadn't! But as luck would have it we were still on the right road.

At Le Bresse we stop for dinner for some famous Le Bresse chicken. It's best not to think how it is 'grown' by the way.

As a typical Autoroute stop this is less of a service station and more a restuarant.

Because of my brothers lack of map reading abiltty and him blaming the year 2000 very detail France map we use I bought another one. Upto date road numbers and a bit more clarity. I doubt it will help though.

We zip on a fair few hours and get off the motorway at Saint Omar and nip onto the N42 towards Boulougne.

The Ibis we are booked into is easily found, and as expected dead like the town.

We settle in and then ask at reception about finding a police station to report my brothers lost wallet, which he lost at some service station after trying to give me some cash for the new map. Obviously though, the few police officers who had 'copped' for working New Years Eve didn't really speak english. And why would they this is France for god's sake.

Oddly enough on the telly the film 'A girl with a Peral Earing' was on.

So I watched that. I wonder if Al and Zoe did too?


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