Friday, December 28, 2007

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The next day we got up had breakfast and headed out into another clear blue sky day.

Mind last night had obvously been a lot colder by the looks of the car. We awaited the bus...

And got off at the SUper Morzine lift.

We get in the gondala and head up towards the Avoriaz area.

The biggest problem was the fact we had no piste map of this area so I was working from memory of when I was around here with Matt some years ago.

Once in the village of Avoraiz I went to the ticket office and asked for a piste map. We then skied and snowboarded down the high street to lift at the bottom and then took this lift back up to the top of the village.

But where were we going to go??

We look over the town enjoying the warm rays of the sun.

We have a romp around the woody Lindarts area..

Before starting the climb up the mountain to the summit where France meets Switerland.

Its a lovely long restful journey up the mountain.

The summit of Pointe De Mossettes comes into sight.

Here we stand on top of the world and the veiws all around are truely amzing with the blue skies for as far as the eye can see. I real spectical.

While up here I thought it wuld be a good idea to have tea and cake ;) While we make our journey plan into Switerland.

We decide to try out the very veryvery long blue from Col Des Portes Du Soleil to Morgins.

Now there was obvously going to be 2 big problems with this run but they were worth it. Number one it being a long blue ment it would be very flat in places. A nightmare for a snowboarder.

About an hour latter we were down the mountain and at Morgins and I was so glad.

I got my snowboard off and walked around the village working my legs a bit after being stuck in the blue flat postion for so long. Notably these church bells rings yet the clongers don't move. now thats technolgy for you!

Can you believe it?? The church is also the public toilets!

Well I go into the supermarket (well shop really) and ask in English if they except Euros. After all we're in Switzerland now. And hell what langauage do they use here? Well its not English although she did speak back to me and it was obvouse she would take my euro's. But there seemed to be a catch. I purchase to choclate bars and give her 5 Euros. I thus then get change back in Switzerland Francs. er great! The most expensive choclate bars ever. They hit the spot and heaf up what appear to be the only chairlift for the rest of the afternoon!

Well I said there was two bad things about this journey but I ment four. The Switzerland side the signs are rubbish. Anyone no where we are. Or what this lift is called.

The larg majority of the lifts are slow drag lifts - up steep hills and are long! A snowboarders nightmare!

There are long ques for the lifts - which are out of date and need replacing!!!

Well a sign post but to be honest we don't want either but we most definelty don't want to head back to Morgins!

I have as much clue where we are as you. This map is total tosh!

At last a nice steep slope!

Well I'm guessing this is Champoussin! So how do we get to Les Crosets then?

Ah another steep slope!

Ah a chairlift be it an old rickety thing! Crickey look at the time we really need to be back a t the summit.

This way apparently....

Here we are. Now look at that que.....

And so we que to get the fast chair lift back to the summit,

And que!

Its a good feeling to be back at the summit and its all down hill from here on. Now we've just got to make it back to the Super Morzine gondala before it closes.

I wondered where you had got to. A bit of a que for that lift wasn't there. We better push on now your here.

Its all down hill - yippe.

We pass through Avoriaz.

It nice to get on a fast French chairlift. As they say the French do it best ;)

The sun set over the horizon but the gondala is just round the corner.

I'm enjoying the view.

At around 5pm we catch the Gondala. Close call but we make it.

From here you can appreciate the szie fo the town.

Across the valley and the Olimpic size swimming pool.

WE get back to the Chalet changed and then ready to go up town.

There ice skating and a great fair ride that Les would like.

We wonder the shops of town and then decide to head to the pub.

Now in the pub there is something quite special. In the corner of the room is this door....

And what lies behind is ment to be a toilet but infact its a toilet in a Galxy Far Far Far Away!

Yep I made a video of it!

We decide to go out back to the first resturant and have a slap up expensive meal.

Rob was brave and order the Froggs Legs. Lucky him!

Where as I went for the safe option of dried meats and extra mouldy cheese - and yes I ate the mould to ergggg.

The meal was truely awsome and worth every penny. It was just so great. And that ended that night!


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