Monday, January 28, 2008

A quick live post as deadmanjones has let me down right now by not uploading any of my texts.

Here in Les 2 Alpes - the beer is following too easily. Oddly after nine weeks worth of snowboarding holidays I have decided to give ' intermediate lessons a try. I'm sure the instructor is trying to kill me through exhaustion and tody he has taken us to the snow park to teach us jumping. oh oh I fell over on my second olie badly although he thought it was impressive! Apartently a good crash with a double summersalt backwards without touching my head. I don't know how he works that out though as my head hurts and my hip badly. having got home I find my water bag has also burst :( No stopping there though we did sump small tables, the half pipe and then jumps. I was chit at all as my confiendce was severaly knocked by my fall. This block is manic though and takes us off piste at the slightest moment. Yesterday he really knackered me too. There is a great pool in the chalet and are now drinking loads of beer in La Grotta Yetie with drinks discount card. As usaul my body can't cope and the instructor asked if I was coming back tommorrow for more torchure. Well if my hip numbs and it hasn't after 5 pints then maybe so. It's going to snow soon too. Yippeeeeeee.


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