Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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At 2:30am my brother and myself got up, put the last few items in the car and headed on down to the Hoverport in Dover. We get there slightly early.

Which is a bit boring really. We see the sunrise as we await our £20 speedferries ride across the channel.

Whilst we sit in the luxary of the ferry we have a cup of coffee and a sandwhich. The sea is surprisingly calm.

We leave the ferry and have to que through customs to get into France. Over here the air is colder.

The journey seemed like a much longer one than usual. We take a pit stop and swop over the driving.

A fair few hours on and driving a light speeds in the thick for - thankgod for fitting those fog lights earlier in the month, we decided to have a pit stop, a bit to eat...

and a nice long coffee.

Not only is it foggy outside but it is cold and snowy. A good thing really!

We reach Geneva tolls and it is well dark and about 7:30pm. Not much further to go now in fact its time to start looking for the Autoroute exit.

After my brother giving us a good tour of Les Cluses and blaming the map we eventually make it up the long long long valley road and into Les Gets. We drive carefully through it heading towards Morzine in the hope the chalet was going to be easy to find.

As llok would have it the chalet was just as you got into Morzine and so we didn't have to negotiate the town.

We parked up and I can tell you I was ready for a beer. The Chalet rep greeted us, told us she would leave us some breakfast stuf out as it was too late to go shopping and pointed us in the direction of somewhere to get something to eat.

Well we stumbled on somewhere that not only did great beer but....

also tartiflette. And within our budget too.

what did you think of yours Rob?

Me too.

We leave the establishment well fed, well watered and a little lighter on cash too but worth it.

As with all good things there are some negatives too. One being the walk up hill before you get to the chalet!

We settle into our large room and ready for some kipp.

We even have a great view from the balcony over the town......


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